We are so encouraged you’ve taken the step to question and search out what is true. There is nothing wrong with questions, nothing wrong with searching and it’s all part of the bigger, grander picture of life. So congratulations on being open! This page came out of a desire to present in a rational way dialogue about faith.  When I was young, I was closed  minded, considering myself to be intellectually superior. I never bothered listening. But as I grew older I found that these people I thought light headed actually were looking for truth too, perhaps in a way I wasn’t realistically willing to. My hope  is that you will engage in thoughtful consideration of the data of our world.  It should be noted that the writers of the blog are not PHDs in any field, although there are many, many scholars from diverse backgrounds who hold to a like mannered faith as our own. Nevertheless, one does not need to be a ‘specialist’ to use one’s mind. Indeed any system of thought which encourages you to just trust someone else’s esteemed opinion and not question is rightly suspect.

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