Is This all A Big Happy Accident?

”I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence.’

–Dr. Michio Kaku Co-founder of String theory

‘Relax’, as the ad goes, ‘God probably doesn’t exist.’ It appears intelligent people find the notion of a creator dubious. But take a look around, is this all one big happy accident? All formed by pure chance just so? When our universe began, in the first fraction of a second, the laws of physics were set in stone. The speed of light, electron mass, proton mass, Planck’s constant, electromagnetic force, gravitational force, just to name a few, are all precisely what’s required for planets to form and life to exist. Change any of them in the most minuscule of ways and no life exists. Was all that an accident? It takes at least as much faith to believe it was an accident as to believe. So Christians because of the evidence choose to have faith in a creator who designed it. These arguments have moved many former atheists such as Anthony flew to change their minds.

What about life on earth? Does it have a well-organized structure or a random lucky mess? Life is complex. In the tip of your finger are more machines than man-made machines in the entire world. Open up the cell and we see marvellous ingenious cities rivalling our great capitals. Cities, with blueprints, architects, builders and managers. In the course of a day, one cell in your body will build more transportation vehicles then roads exist in London, whilst the cells of your brain will have done more computing than a supercomputer. They perform on spec to keep us alive. Really the universe and every living thing is one giant illustration of the fact that God has created intelligently.

Now follow the logic

1. If our life is no accident but we were designed with intelligence and love and care

2. And if our designer has embedded these clues in His universe so that we might examine the data and find him

3. Then which religion speaks rightly of Him? Buddhism has no god, Paganism and Hinduism claim many gods that are full of human failings, the Koran has an impersonal unknowable god but the Bible shows a God who loves us as children, who longs to save us and reveal himself to us. This God alone makes sense of the data we have

It’s all in fact actually quite simple

Choose to believe in the God who made it all and longs for you to know Him through Jesus who was sent to pay the price for our liberation from guilt, death, destruction.

‘God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him though he is not far from any one of us’ Acts  17:27

to see more on just how designed our universe is go here


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