Did such things really Happen?

Does it seem implausible to you that a man would rise from the dead? Normal observation seems to forbid it. Yet what, if any, is there, of evidence? Some say Jesus never existed. But these are not Scholars, just people with too much free time, the internet platform, and no fact checking. Scholars who study the New Testament know better. Ninety percent of them (those who like Jesus and those who hate him) agree Jesus really lived, really died on a cross, was buried, and His disciples believed Him risen and defended that claim to their graves. We also have much by way of collaborating evidence. Never mind that all the opposition leaders such as Herod, Pilate, Annas, Caiaphas and others are recorded precisely and accurately as attested in outside sources, we have the coffin of his brother Jacob. We have the bones of his disciples Matthias and Barsabbas, on their coffins is etched the sign of the cross demonstrating their early belief in the resurrection. We likely have the bones of Philip the apostle and even John the baptist. And Jesus enemies don’t pretend he never existed, rather they say he not only existed but did miracles, they claim through sorcery (Sanhedrin 43a). Furthermore, we can also see that very early on people were proclaiming Jesus alive after His death. Because of Paul’s letter we know Jesus’ followers were claiming Him risen within weeks of His death (see 1 Corinthians 15 which scholars date to 52 AD -i.e. 20 years after crucifixion and Acts 2-4, and see particularly Suetonius’s¬†Claudius 25.4 with Acts 18:2-3 where it’s clear the Jewish people we’re expelled from Rome after a division over the messiah ). So the question isn’t ‘how do we know Jesus even lived/died/ was buried?’ Those are settled. The question is how do we explain an empty tomb and a host of people claiming he rose the next week? Some have argued that 1. Jesus was buried in a ‘shallow grave or wrong tomb‘ and the disciples didn’t know or 2. He wasn’t really dead, people just thought he died, he awoke and pretended to rise, or 3. the mass hallucination theory: because everyone really wanted Jesus to live they imagined it as such, or 4. the disciples stole the body and only claimed he rose for personal gain. But does that fit the established facts? Would the disciples really not know where Jesus was buried(1), or for that matter, Jesus executors. Could Jesus really pull off feigning death with gapping wounds in check(2)? If the disciples imagined Him risen, wouldn’t the body be brought out disproving their naivete(3)? Would the disciples lie about His resurrection and then die for it(4)? These theories do a poor job of explaining what happened. In fact, the claims of the resurrection are particularly astonishing in that they have not been dimmed by time, they remain enigmatic and perplexing for on their backs the early Christian faith sprung forth so vigorously. But what if we say further that the Bible foretold the whole matter six hundred years before? Isaiah 53:6 ‘we all like sheep have gone astray and the lord has laid on Him all our inequities.. v.10It was the Lord’s will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer but though the Lord makes his life an offering for sin, he will prolong his day v.11 he will see the light of life… When people claim that Jesus simply never existed they are wishing themselves a scenario unattested in actual academia, on the contrary, we have a great many questions to answer if we are to dismiss the resurrection of Christ and such is an uphill battle at best.


There’s quite a bit of evidence here that I summarized quickly in passing. For further information on how we know what ninety percent of scholars believe go here , and for more information about plausible theories for the resurrection go here and here for the information on early archeological data about the disciples and Jacob Jesus’ brother go here¬†also you may want to take a look at NT wrights book: the resurrection of the son of God if you’re up for reading a tome


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